List of Articles

Business Communication Research and Practice. Vol. 1, No. 1, 2018

A Step Forward for KABC
Bus. Commun. Res. Pract. 2018;1(1):1-3.
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Review Article
Business Communication Research and Theory Development in Asia: Past, Present, and Future Prospects
Bus. Commun. Res. Pract. 2018;1(1):4-17.
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Original Article
Challenges Facing Globally-Minded Leaders in a Japanese-European Joint Venture Company
Bus. Commun. Res. Pract. 2018;1(1):18-25.
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Trends in Business Communication Research, Teaching, and Academic Societies in Korean Higher Education
Bus. Commun. Res. Pract. 2018;1(1):26-32.
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An Analysis of Business Communication Courses in Business Schools and Suggestions for Curriculum Development
Bus. Commun. Res. Pract. 2018;1(1):33-40.
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Case Report
Chatbot as a New Business Communication Tool: The Case of Naver TalkTalk
Bus. Commun. Res. Pract. 2018;1(1):41-45.
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A Customer Touch Point Management System for Effective Service Communication
Bus. Commun. Res. Pract. 2018;1(1):46-49.
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