You can check before submitting your paper in the manuscipt submission system.

  • Cover letter, title page, main body of texts, and tables/figures are prepared on separate files.
  • Conflict of interest is described on cover letter.
  • Corresponding author’s name, address, phone, and e-mail address appear on title page.
  • Neither the author’s names nor their affiliations appear on the manuscript pages.
  • Manuscript formats and requirements are checked by publication types.
  • Word limits of the manuscript are verified: 5,000 words for original and review articles, 2,500 words for case reports and tutorials, and 1,500 words for communications, editorials, and book reviews. Any article longer than these limits should be discussed with the Editor.
  • Running title does not exceed 40 characters including spaces.
  • Structured abstract with 200–250 words.
  • Five keywords appear at the bottom of abstract.
  • References are in correct format, and all references mentioned in the Reference list are cited in the text, and vice versa.
  • All elements remain legible in up to 10 tables and figures.
  • Figures and illustrations are prepared in high quality with high tones and resolution.
  • Manuscript has been ‘spell checked’ and ‘grammar checked.’
  • Permission has been obtained for use of copyrighted material from other sources (including the Internet).