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Business Communication Research and Practice. Vol. 5, No. 1, 2022

Business Communication Digitalized: Accelerated Transformations under the New Normal
Bus. Commun. Res. Pract. 2022;5(1):1-3.
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Original Article
The Effects of Attachment to Korean Wave Stars and Cultural Proximity on Chinese Consumers’ Purchase Intention of Korean Products
Bus. Commun. Res. Pract. 2022;5(1):4-13.
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Case Report
The Use of Unified Message System as a Vehicle for Effective Mobile Business Communication: The Case of Morpheus Message
Bus. Commun. Res. Pract. 2022;5(1):14-19.
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Digital Transformation for Efficient Communication in the Workplace: Analyzing the Flow Coworking Tool
Bus. Commun. Res. Pract. 2022;5(1):20-28.
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Robotic Process Automation: A New Enabler for Digital Transformation and Operational Excellence
Bus. Commun. Res. Pract. 2022;5(1):29-35.
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LG CNS Digital Transformation Using Robotic Process Automation
Bus. Commun. Res. Pract. 2022;5(1):36-41.
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Data Visualization as Communication: The Role of Business Communication in Data Analytics
Bus. Commun. Res. Pract. 2022;5(1):42-45.
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