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Business Communication Research and Practice. Vol. 6, No. 2, 2023

Searching for the Right Metaphors to Understand and Interrogate the AI Age
Bus. Commun. Res. Pract. 2023;6(2):65-69.
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Original Article
Exploring the Implications of Corporate Social Responsibility Assurance Messages in Cause-Related Social Media Marketing
Bus. Commun. Res. Pract. 2023;6(2):70-79.
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Case Report
A New Communication Recipe for Going Global in the Recorded Music Industry: The Case of Anitta’s Checkmate Project
Bus. Commun. Res. Pract. 2023;6(2):80-85.
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The 4Cs Framework as an Alternative to the Traditional 7Cs for Effective Communication
Bus. Commun. Res. Pract. 2023;6(2):86-97.
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Guided Reflection in Business Education: An Example from Leadership Development
Bus. Commun. Res. Pract. 2023;6(2):98-104.
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